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Mohsin Kalia loves his neighborhood.

After obtaining his Certification in Tax Preparation, Moshin opened Rapid Tax in an unassuming neighborhood: his neighborhood. Wanting to add a valuable service, and help keep his little neighborhood thriving was important to him.

As Moshin serviced his neighborhood, his neighbors served him well. They came back again and again and recommended him to others.

As his business grew, he still kept his office in the same building, despite the fact that he could easily move to a bigger space.

When the tax needs of his community changed, Moshin added more services to his neighborhood business. He is continually taking courses to make sure that he is up to date with the latest changes to the California Tax Laws. His ongoing education has allowed him to expand his services to not only include personal taxes, but he also does Business Taxes, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Business Incorporation, Tax Audit Assistance and obtaining ITIN numbers (Individual Tax Identification Numbers) when a customer needs one.

With servicing the tax needs of his community for so many years, many of them consider him family, and that is just fine with him.

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